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Our Discovery Story

"Aging is a new stage of opportunity and strength!"

Betty Friedan


(A Well-Being Guide for Menopause)

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Our First Young Employee

We welcomed our 1st young dance leader, Sarah.

"Meno-Steps!" is one of the best Menopause Well-being courses ever created, especially for those new to physical & emotional changes during Menopause. The course guide book will help individuals and health workers to raise awareness of Menopause symptoms and strategies needed to alleviate them.


The course has been devised with an accredited qualification together with 5 CPD hours. The course is progressive, interactive and has positive reviews.

1,000 Happy Customers

"Take the Lead in Creative Dance!" is a blended course, which includes both practical and Learner Assessment Notes (LAN). Our Pass rates have been extremely high. If you have a passion to lead dance why not give it a try!

Why Us?

Our unique, Menopause & dance  courses  sets us apart from our competitors!

Young and old grow in confidence as they achieve trophies, awards, certificates and the ability to later volunteer and teach on our Programmes.

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