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Our Discovery Story

"Aging is a new stage of opportunity and strength!"

Betty Friedan

Our First Young Employee

      We welcomed our 1st young dance leader, Sarah.

Argus Riverfront Dance Pic.png
Argus Riverfront Dance Pic.png

.South Wales Argus - A REAL CELEBRATION International Women's Day!

PERFORMANCE: Active Angels at the Riverfront in Newport.

Community Award.jpg

Mr Griffiths (AS/MS) & Mr Llewellyn visit to Active Angels.

Visit from PLAID CYMRU to congratulate our work on Dance & Menopause.

Age Cymru Award2.jpg.png

 Lady Irene Samuel & Governor General of the Commonwealth of St Lucia

Community Award during the week of the King's Coronation.

. Age Cymru 2017 Annual Award (Group/Organization Category)

Awarded a commendation from Age Cymru.

Jenny Rathbone MS.jpg

Breakfast @ PARLOUR with the Mayor & Mayoress (Newport)

We enjoyed our breakfast talk about physical exercise & the effects of refined sugar for 50+ in their diets.

Mayors Parlour 2.jpg

 Jenny Rathbone (MS-Senedd) Tweet

Our young dancers awarded at a Plan International UK ceremony.

Our Sponsors.png

Our Highlights

Plaid Cymru.jpg

Our unique, Dance Courses & Menopause Workshops  sets us apart from our competitors!

Seniors grow in confidence as they achieve trophies, awards, certificates and the confidence to later volunteer and teach on our Programmes.

Why Us?

1,000 Happy Customers


Thanks to our sponsors since 2014 we have been able to make a positive impact into the lives of older people.

As a result, of their generous funding we believe the results for our beneficiaries physical and mental wellbeing has been huge. 

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