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Menopause Well-Being


Our Menopause Course provides people at Perimenopause, Menopause and Post-Menopause the skills to take control of the symptoms of Menopause and the strategies to alleviate them.


It is high-quality accredited training with 5 CPD Hours.


Creative Dance Accredited Qualification

“Take the Lead!” is one of the best Creative dance qualifications ever created, especially for those new to leading workshops.


The Guide book teaches you how to lead creative dance or flag routines. Our easy-to-follow course booklet has been devised with a National Accredited Qualification in Creative dance/flag worship.


Our Traineeship Course

Our Traineeship programme provides 16+ with the skills and qualifications necessary to secure

employment/Apprenticeship in Creative Dance.


It is high-quality accredited training at Level 1& 2, with a work placement


Community Silent Disco Hire are a great way to to meet some amazing people that live in your



Having a silent disco means that you’ll also be guilt free and avoid any potential noise complaints!


Very competitive prices...we are a Not-for-Profit Social Enterprise.

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